Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it. Barely. 2017 had it’s ups and downs. It was a shittastic display of love, betrayal, highs, lows, and torture. With the passing of my mother at the end of the year, it turned out to be a really shitty end of 2017. But the start of 2018 has been ok so far. I have a few things to look forward to.

I typically set my goal for the year.  And I find that most of the goals fall by the way side.  This year, I decided to make goals, by monthly. Monthly goals to get me through the year. I think this is going to provide a much better outcome. Some of the goals I have set for January include –

  • Getting outside for at least 10 minutes a day.  I find that since I work at home now, days can pass without me ever getting outside. This is not good for my physical or mental health.
  • Drink at least 3 full bottle of water. I have a 32 oz water bottle that I carry everywhere.  I want to make sure I am well hydrated.
  • Get at least 15 minutes of meaningful physical activity everyday.  That can be dancing in my room, crunches and push-ups, doing an exercise video, or anything else. I know 15 minutes might not seem like a lot, but for someone who has not been physically active in a few years I find that’s a good starting point for me.
  • Post at least one blog post to all my websites every week.  I have quite a few websites that I maintain.  I want to be focused and update them often.

I have a few more goals as well.  So far, so good. It is just the 5th though. But I am very optimistic.

So here’s to a prosperous year and a bright future.

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