School Life

Being back in school is a trip.  It takes so much more concentration than I remembered.  I remember studying being a breeze and being able to retain information so easily.  I would go out and party on Saturday night, then study all day on Sunday.  THAT is something I am not able to do anymore.

I have had to really put some thought into each assignment I completed.  It takes patience, perseverance, and determination to get through some assignments.  This is a process I am having to teach myself all over again. School has been something I have really had to focus on.  It is not something that comes easily for me.

I am now deep into nursing school and it is not getting any easier.  But I know it will all be worth it in the end.  I try to remain focused on the end goal and not get distracted.

So here’s to long nights and early mornings. For a very long time.

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