Modeling Practice Makes Perfect

Just as any profession, hobby, or interest in order to become better at your craft you must rehearse.
Modeling is no different. Beauty is natural but there is so much more to modeling than a pretty face. A model must know how to pose, create emotion with facial expressions, and execute stylish looks. Being unique in style and always being willing to reinvent oneself is a must.

When I am looking to practice, I use Pinterest and YouTube. There are a lot of videos and clips available to help beginning and seasoned models. No one is above rehearsing and becoming better. A good way to practice poses is looking in the mirror while playing with your body and face. Try different expressions and hand movements. Play with your lips, try leaving them slightly apart or slightly pucker them. Frame your face with your hands. Tilt your head and flip your hair. Another way is to take videos of yourself. Act like you are on a photo shoot and you are continuously moving from pose to pose to pose. Once you have about 30 seconds of video, stop. Then play it back and watch yourself. Grab some screenshots of the poses you think look good.

Remember, don’t hold your head too far back so the camera is shooting directly up your nostrils. Keep in mind any shadows that might be cast. Always think good posture unless you are posing in a certain way. Be open to posing suggestions from the photographer or assistance, they want you to look your best. Don’t be afraid to try new poses. If they don’t work then they don’t get shot, but if they do work you just opened yourself up to some new styles and poses. Most of the time if the pose is slightly uncomfortable, it will look AMAZING.

Sophia in a blue reconstructed lingerie dress and blue sweater with nude fishnets and black heels. Modeling.
Sophia and all those legs

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