Welcome to my sparking and divine world of performance art.

“The Sapphic Sweetheart… The Caribbean MILF of Burlesque…”
Sophia St. James is a unique, one-of-a-kind femme who loves whiskey, diamonds, rose gold, and leather. She has been performing for 17 years across North America. Sophia’s style is truly her own she makes no apologies for who she is. She is sass, brass, and has no problem in kicking ass. She is also a social justice activist, queer femme, Leather Femme, and Mama. She is sweet, sexy, and fiery. You can see all sides of Sophia on her website at sophiastjames.com.”

I have been a fan of all things stage for so many years, it’s part of my blood.  Having started performing in 2004, I have just grown more fond of the lights, the sounds, and the glitz.   Burlesque was my beginning, but it certainly is not the end. I have a love for many genres of performance art.   I continually desire to learn and grow in my art. I believe one can never be too knowledgeable.